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Friday, November 16, 2018
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Cuban Contributions to a Guatemalan Biennial

Catching up with the recent Bienal Paiz de Arte Paiz, curated by Gerardo Mosquera, with projects by René Francisco and Tania Bruguera.

A Life in Cuban Art, and an Award to Honor It

Juan Martínez—art historian, author, and winner of the CINTAS Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award—talks with Janet Batet about art on and beyond the island, “Miami nostalgia,” and Cuban art collecting in South Florida.

Tomás Esson Wins CINTAS Award, Manuel Mendive Leaving the Bronx, Yoan Capote Profiled in...

The fall season is in full swing, with openings & events in Havana, Florida, Bogotá, and greater New York—including Cuban artists at ArtBo, Pedro Pablo Oliva in Tampa, Edel Rodríguez on “Art as Change,” and a “liquid paradigm” opening at Factoría Habana.

Moving into the 3rd Dimension – Carmen Herrera Sculptures in NYC

With her place in the abstract-art pantheon firmly cemented by the Metropolitan Museum’s upcoming “Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera,” Carmen Herrera has unfurled a selection of wall-based and freestanding sculptures at Lisson Gallery in Chelsea.

In Havana, “The Image Without Limits”

Curator Rafael Acosta de Arriba looks at the early experiments, heroic iconography, post-modern approaches, and other trends in Cuban photography from the 19th century to the present moment in “El imagen sin limites” (The Image Without Limits).