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Friday, November 16, 2018

Who are Cuba’s Top Curators and Critics?

For citizens of other countries, national awards for curatorship and art criticism may seem like an impossible ideal. But they’re an annual occurrence on the island, offering a glimpse of the cultural currents that have shaped exhibitions and arts writing in Cuba over the previous year or so. Here, a look at the recently announced winners and their work.

Cuban Contributions to a Guatemalan Biennial

Catching up with the recent Bienal Paiz de Arte Paiz, curated by Gerardo Mosquera, with projects by René Francisco and Tania Bruguera.

A Life in Cuban Art, and an Award to Honor It

Juan Martínez—art historian, author, and winner of the CINTAS Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award—talks with Janet Batet about art on and beyond the island, “Miami nostalgia,” and Cuban art collecting in South Florida.

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