Thursday May 24, 2018

Farber Collection Show Brings Contemporary Cuban Art to Miami

Opens in February at Lowe Art Museum

Armando Mariño, La Patera (The Raft), 2002

The Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami will host Cuba Avant-Garde, Contemporary Art from the Farber Collection, February 6 - April 4, 2010. Cuba Avant-Garde presents paintings, sculptures, installations, engravings, and drawings by forty Cuban artists, curated from the extensive collection assembled by Patty and Howard Farber of New York, also known for collecting modern American and contemporary Chinese art. The works in Cuba Avant-Garde are viewable online on the Farber Collection website.

Cuba Avant-Garde reflects an unbiased and open vision of Cuban art created since the 1980s, showcasing works by artists living not only in Cuba, but throughout the world, presented as members of an active conceptual and transnational community. Although works by Cuban artists address such topics as religious and political mythologies, emigration, and Cuban history, they also shed light on such themes as globalization, urbanism, the loss of local customs and traditions, and international terrorism. Cuba Avant-Garde features such internationally recognized artists as Los Carpinteros, Carlos Garaicoa, Yoan Capote, Kcho, José Bedia, Tomás Sánchez, Tania Bruguera, Magdalena Campos, and Flavio Garciandía. Programs presented with the exhibition will include Cuban films and lectures, and an opening celebration concert of Cuban jazz. Cuba Avant-Garde, a book about the Farber Collection, is currently available at, Books and Books,, and other online sites.