Wednesday May 23, 2018

"Epic" Photographs on View in Valencia, Spain

More than 70 images portray the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s

Alberto Díaz (Korda), Che, March 10, 1960

The Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) recently opened Miradas Reveladoras (Revealing Looks), a show of more than 70 photographs taken during the early years of the Cuban Revolution. The exhibition was drawn from the collection of the Cuban Phototeca, an institution devoted to the preservation of the Cuban photographic heritage since the 19th century. The exhibition will run through February 14, 2010.

Attending the exhibition opening were IVAM director Consuelo Ciscar, Cuban Phototeca director Lourdes Socarrás, and Cuban photographers Roberto Salas and Liborio Noval. Photographs by Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (Korda), Raúl Corrales, Osvaldo and Roberto Salas, Liborio Noval, Ernesto Fernández, José Agraz, Perfecto Romero, and Luis Pierce were among those included in the exhibition. Their cameras caught public rallies, political events, and popular leaders, offering an affirmative and easygoing view of the triumphant revolution, which has been deemed “epic” in Cuban photographic history.