Wednesday June 20, 2018

Norge Espinosa Mendoza

A train arrives in Vedado: Anna in the Tropics

This weekend, the Teatro El Público-FUNDarte production of Anna in the Tropics debuts at Miami’s Colony Theater. But last month, the ten-year-old play had its premiere in Havana. Cuban Art News contributor Norge Espinosa was on hand to share his impressions.

The Missing Screen, Part 2

Theater critic Norge Espinoza continues his look at the shifting relationship between Cuban theater and film in the decades since the revolution. In Part 1, he surveyed the 1950s and ’60s. Here, he continues with the 1970s, the theatrical revival of the 1980s and ’90s, and recent developments in the ongoing relationship between Cuban theater and film.

Film and Theater in Cuba: The Missing Screen, Part 1

In Cuba, says theater critic Norge Espinosa, there’s no consistent relationship between the worlds of theater and cinema. In an exclusive two-part essay, Espinosa analyzes the current state of affairs for CAN readers.

In Conversation: Eduardo Arrocha

Eduardo Arrocha, winner of the National Theater Prize, is one of the most active and influential designers working in Cuban theater today. He recently spoke about his career with poet, playwright and critic Norge Espinosa Mendoza.

Verónica Lynn: An Actress and Her Characters

In a conversation with Cuban Art News, this essential figure in Cuban film, theater, and television talks about directors she’s worked with, actors she admires, and the greatest compliment she ever received from a fan.

Léster Martínez: “I always go back to the theater”

Léster Martínez won acclaim for his portrayal of the late Cuban actor Adolfo Llauradó, and more recently for his work in a new production of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant. In a Cuban Art News interview with renowned critic Norge Espinosa, the actor discusses his life in the theater.

Teatro El Público: Twenty Years of Provocation and Challenge

In Cuban theater, the name of Carlos Díaz (b. Bejucal, 1955) is invariably associated with some form of provocation. Writer and critic Norge Espinosa Mendoza invited the director of El Público to share his memories and experiences of twenty years in the theater.

Exploring the "In-Between Spaces" of Being Cuban

Gallery 8, a new art space in Harlem, opens tonight with a show of contemporary Cuban art. Lidia Hernández Tapia talks to some of the artists, and to curators Armando Mariño and Meyken Barreto, about the evolving definition of cubanidad in an increasingly global world.

November = Photography in Havana

It’s not every city that turns itself over to photography on an annual basis, but Havana has been hosting Noviembre Fotográfico for more than a decade. As the month draws to a close, Lidia Hernández Tapía looks at some of the notable exhibitions and events.
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