Sunday July 24, 2016

On the Personal Side of “Dialogues in Cuban Art”

We began our conversation with Elizabeth Cerejido, organizer of the “Dialogues in Cuban Art” project, with a general description of the artist exchanges that took place in Havana last year and Miami this past spring. Here, Cerejido describes the exchanges on a more personal level, and looks ahead to the project’s next phases.

In Conversation: Elizabeth Cerejido on the Miami Artist Exchanges in “Dialogues in Cuban Art”

This spring, the Dialogues in Cuban Art project brought a group of artists to Miami from Havana, following a Miami-to-Havana trip the previous year. Project organizer Elizabeth Cerejido spoke with Cuban Art News New York editor Susan Delson about the Havana visitors’ week in Miami, and the project in general.

Update 2: El Libro de Job in Havana, Under the Same Sun in London, and Harlem/Havana Coming to New York

A tribute to Ramón Casas opens in Havana as René Rodríguez translates a biblical figure into geometric abstraction. Yornel Martínez and Allora & Calzadilla head to Japan, and Enrique Martínez Celaya heads to Dartmouth University.

Update Part 1: Performance Art in Havana, Tattooing History in Milan, Delahante Matienzo in Sweden

The Wifredo Lam Center takes an 18-day plunge into international performance art and a new prize for curatorship is announced. Luis Gómez opens a solo show in Barcelona, two Cuban artists “draw the line” in Los Angeles, and a work by Luis Cruz Azaceta joins a Bronx conversation on AIDS. 

Tribute to Iván Nápoles: Revisiting the ICAIC Latin American News

This spring, cinematographer Iván Nápoles was awarded the 2016 National Film Award. In tribute to Nápoles and the ICAIC Latin American News, we present an excerpt from Diona Espinosa Naranjo’s interview with documentary director Francisco Puñal. 
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