Saturday December 16, 2017

Performing Arts

Update: Art Lectures & Piñera Festival in Miami, “Melancolía” in Havana, Photo Paintings in NY

Lectures on Rodríguez and Portocarrero mark a double centenary in Miami, a Piñera festival in Miami joins centenary celebrations on the island, Gabriel Sánchez indulges in a bout of Melancolía, La Virgen is celebrated, Maria Martínez-Cañas turns the tables on Francis Bacon, and a docudrama wraps up shooting on Tenerife.

Update: “Caribbean” in NYC, Estévez in Santo Domingo, Teatro el Público in Miami

Teatro el Publico opens in Miami tonight, the three parts of Caribbean: Crossroads open across NYC this week, and Carlos Estévez opens in Santo Domingo next Thursday. Meanwhile, urbanist Julio César Pérez meets Prince Charles in London, contemporary Cuban art is coming to the Bronx, Sandra Ceballos’s exhibition is held over in Havana, and along the Malecón, Detrás del muro gets—then loses—more molinos del viento.

Performances, Installations, Interventions

With more than 50 semi-independent “collateral” exhibitions and events joining an already jammed official program, there’s no such thing as an overview for this year’s Bienal. But there are plenty of highlights—along with links to video clips, slide shows, photos, and more—in the first of several reports from Cuban Art News.

The Missing Screen, Part 2

Theater critic Norge Espinoza continues his look at the shifting relationship between Cuban theater and film in the decades since the revolution. In Part 1, he surveyed the 1950s and ’60s. Here, he continues with the 1970s, the theatrical revival of the 1980s and ’90s, and recent developments in the ongoing relationship between Cuban theater and film.

Film and Theater in Cuba: The Missing Screen, Part 1

In Cuba, says theater critic Norge Espinosa, there’s no consistent relationship between the worlds of theater and cinema. In an exclusive two-part essay, Espinosa analyzes the current state of affairs for CAN readers.
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