Thursday February 22, 2018


Kcho at the "Crossroads"

Sacrificio en la encrucijada (Sacrifice at the Crossroads) is not your usual solo show. Instead of dazzling visitors with an array of new work, Kcho chose to share his creative process on an intimate level—curating the exhibition entirely from his own collection, incorporating dozens of personal sketchbooks, and inviting the Cuban people to rediscover his art for themselves. Abelardo G. Mena Chicuri, curator at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, reflects on the exhibition and the artist.

Bienal Overview: Artists, Projects, Exhibitions, and “Interventions”

With the theme of “Artistic Practices and the Social Imaginary,” this year’s Bienal is taking to Havana’s streets, parks, and plazas in an outpouring of public art. In previous articles, we focused on one of these projects, Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall). Here, Cuban Art News takes a look at the Bienal in general.

Havana Bienal Preview: “Behind the Wall,” Part Two

In Part One of this two-part series, Cuban Art News spoke with the organizer and chief curator of Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall), the director of the Cuban Arts Project, Juan Delgado Calzadilla, and previewed several of the works in this ambitious public art project, which will take place along Havana’s oceanside promenade during the Bienal in May. Here, we continue our advance look at works in Behind the Wall.

Havana Bienal Preview: “Detrás del muro” (Behind the Wall), Part One

In last November’s preview of the Havana Bienal, we talked about Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall), a series of site-specific installations along the Malecón, Havana’s oceanside promenade. Now, with the Bienal little more than two months away, Detrás del muro is taking shape in greater detail. In a two-part series, Cuban Art News takes a fresh look at what Bienal visitors can expect to see as they stroll the Malecón.

Cine Cuba: A Film News Roundup

A new book about Hemingway and Cuban film and TV, Juan Antonio García Borrero’s blog hits a thousand posts, Reynaldo Miravalles appears before Cuban cameras in April, and Daniel Díaz Torres talks about his current film.
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