Friday May 25, 2018


From "PM" to Eroticism: Another Side of 1960s Cuba

While iconic images of the Revolution continue to fascinate the international media, Cuban contemporary culture is exploring other aspects of the 1960s—including the sexually expressive work of two enfants terribles, now on view in Havana.

Amelia Peláez: A Fresh Look at a Modern Cuban Master

Cuban artist Amelia Peláez (1896-1968) is widely recognized as a master of 20th-century modernism in Latin America. A new exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana takes a comprehensive look at her career.

Cuban Art Lands in British Capital

In 1762, after a months-long battle, the British navy seized Spanish Havana, and British artists recorded the fact in beautiful engravings. Two hundred years later, prints by Cuban artists have apparently taken London by surprise—and perhaps by storm.

Mendive and Garciandía: Cuban Masters Back in the Galleries

Two masters of Cuban contemporary art, Manuel Mendive and Flavio Garciandía, are back in the spotlight with new exhibitions demonstrating that for both of them, the artistic pulse is still going strong and the mind is working with great clarity.

"Volume I," or The Big Bang of Contemporary Cuban Art

On January 14, 1981, Volume I opened at the International Art Center in Havana, presenting the work of eleven young artists. The new face of the Cuban art was born. Cuban Art News offers a look back at a milestone of contemporary Cuban art.
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