Wednesday November 22, 2017

Raúl Cañibano Ercilla: On Havana, the Cuban Countryside, and Documentary Photography

Raúl Cañibano is one of the most acclaimed documentary photographers working in Cuba today. In a Cuban Art News interview, Cañibano talks with curator and critic Yanelys Nuñez Leyva about his approach to photography, the themes he explores in his work, and the challenges of being a professional photographer in Cuba today.

Update: “Remake” and Quintana in Havana, Estévez in Charlotte, and a Bruguera Performance Scheduled in NYC

The new art season in Havana is off and running, with second chances at CDAV, a new gallery in Miramar, and solo shows by Carlos Quintana, Lissette Solorzano, and Yornel Martínez. Tonel shows in London and Madrid, Parallel Paths is extended in Miami, the films of Ana Mendieta come to Chelsea, and Geandy Pavón takes a photographic look at The Cuban Americans.

Ben Rodríguez-Cubeñas, Part 2: “I thought we were getting ready for something five years from now”

In Part 2 of our conversation, Rodríguez-Cubeñas reflects on the organization he co-founded in 1998, expanding opportunities for international collaboration, new projects taking shape, and art and broader social issues.

Rafael Queneditt Morales: Sculptor of Our Ancestors

Harvard scholar Alejandro de la Fuente, curator of the exhibition Drapetomanía: Exposición Homenaje a Grupo Antillano (Drapetomania: An Exhibition Homage to the Antillean Group) offers a moving tribute to sculptor Rafael Queneditt Morales and his contributions to Cuban culture.

Ben Rodríguez-Cubeñas: What’s Ahead for US Philanthropy, Cuban Art & Culture

In a wide-ranging conversation with Cuban Art News, Ben Rodríguez-Cubeñas of the Cuban Artists Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund takes a thoughtful look at art and culture on the island, the need for cultural infrastructure, and the challenges facing US philanthropies looking to support island initiatives.
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