Thursday August 28, 2014

Matamoros on Martínez, Part 1: “Why didn’t they send someone older?”

In a presentation last month at The 8th Floor in New York City, Corina Matamoros, author of the recent book Raúl Martínez: La Gran Familia, spoke movingly about her relationship with the artist.

Jorge López Pardo: Graphite on Canvas, or the World Seen in Pictures

Describing his work in Black Box, seen at Villa Manuela Gallery (UNEAC), López Pardo tells Cuban Art News: “I don’t make Cuban art, but art for human beings.”

The Lucas Phenomenon, Part 2: Beyond the Music Video

This weekend, the annual Lucas Awards will be presented at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana. But the influence of the Lucas project extends beyond the Cuban video clip.

NY Auction Report: Cuban Artists Excel at Christie’s

Following Monday’s strong showing for Cuban artists’ works in Sotheby’s Latin American auction, Cuban art continued to do well in Christie’s Latin American sale Tuesday.

The Lucas Phenomenon, Part 1: Celebrating Cuban Music Videos

It’s a weekly television program, now in its 15th year. It’s a two-day live music gala leading up to a glittering awards ceremony, all on national TV. It’s a periodical. And it single-handedly revived the Cuban music video. Are you ready for Lucas?
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